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The meeting is going to take place in Villa General Belgrano, in the conference room of the Howard Johnson Inn.
As a result, we have made reservations for people to stay in the same hotel.

We will provide networking, and computing facilities at various sites (US, and Europe Europe). People should bring their own laptops.
The current exchange rate is 1 dollar = 2.92 - 2.95 pesos
  • Prices for the hotel (taxes included)
    Single: 140 pesos (i.e. 70 pesos per person); Double: 120 pesos.

    The price includes breakfast,  access to the sauna, gym, conference room, and a DSL network connnection.

  • There will be a registration fee of USD100. Those staying for the whole program can discount that amount when they checkout from the hotel from their total room charges. The registration fee paid  by those not staying for the whole program will be used to cover the costs associated with the conference room, DSL, etc. The reason for this is that we will only have these services for free if we have a certain number of rooms being taken, for the whole program.

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