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How to Get To Villa General Belgrano, Cordoba

You have to fly to Cordoba's airport (COR). As far as I know, there are three ways to get to there:

+ Through Santiago (Chile)

Carriers: You can fly to Santiago de Chile with either
Lanchile ( or American Airlines ( If you need to
use an american carrier (e.g. because of grant restrictions) and still want to
fly through Lanchile, you might be able to buy the ticket through American
Airlines, as they are partners (even if you do not care about this, and buy
the ticket from American Airlines, the carrier might be Lanchile and
viceversa). From Santiago de Chile to Cordoba you can only fly through
Lanchile, the flight takes approximately one hour and a half.

Pros: you don't need to change airport in order to get to Cordoba, the
connections in Santiago are quite good, the airport is comfortable.
Lanchile or American Airline's service and customer support are usually very


Tips: if in Chile, try a Pisco Sour.

+ Through Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Carriers: there are probably many carriers that fly to Sao Paulo (United
Airlines for sure). However, from Sao Paulo to Cordoba you can only fly
through Varig ( If you take a direct flight from Sao Paulo to
Cordoba (that is, not through Paraguay, for example), it takes around 4 hours
to get there.

Cons: Some people do not like Sao Paulo's airport, and some people complain about
Varig's service and customer support.


+ Through Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Carriers: there are several companies flying to Buenos Aires. From there you
need to change airport (from Ezeiza international's airport to Aeroparque's
airport), unless your international
flight is with Aerolineas Argentinas ( That is, the
only company that flies from Ezeiza to Cordoba is Aerolineas Argentinas and
will only sell you a ticket if you are flying to Ezeiza with them (don't ask
me why this is so). Independtly of which airport you use, flying from Buenos
Aires to Cordoba takes an hour.

Pros: you might want to stay in Buenos Aires for some time on your way to/back
from Cordoba. In which case it makes sense to fly through Buenos Aires.

Cons: You have to change airport.

Tips: If you stay in Buenos Aires, you might want to go to San Telmo and check
out the local culture. You might also
want to go to the Puerto Maderos area for diner or a drink by the river.
When changing airports, use either a remis or a shuttle service that you pay for in the
airport itself (there are several shuttle services of this type in Ezeiza and Aeroparque, a well
known one is Manuel Tienda Leon), *don't* take a taxi outside the airport
(there are big changes that you might be overcharged, etc). Similarly, if you stay in
Buenos Aires, ask your hotel front desk to get you a remis or taxi by phone
and get the front desk to ask the company
for a rough estimate of how much you are going to pay.

--------------How to get from Cordoba to Villa General Belgrano -----------------

Villa General Belgrano is 88km from Cordoba. It takes two hours on a standard
(with many stops)
bus, one hour and a half on a rather direct one, and maybe one hour by car.

A remis from the airport to Villa General Belgrano costs around 90 Pesos (~ 30

More detailed information regarding ways to get to the hotel in Villa General Belgrano
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Image taken from Universe Today