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Second Apples-with-Apples workshop
UNAM, Mexico City, December 2003


Jeff Winicour
The Apples with Apples programme [PDF]
Denis Pollney
Testsuites for numerical relativity [PDF]
Carsten Gundlach
How to make second-order nonlinear BSSN well-posed with boundaries [PDF] [PS]
Jonathan Thornburg
Using Multiple Grid Patches for Black Hole Excision [PS] [PDF]
Bernard Kelly
Head-On Collisions Revisited at Penn State [PDF]
Jeff Winicour & Bela Szilagyi (presented by Jeff Winicour)
Test Results for the Abigel Code / Boundaries in Harmonic Codes [PDF]
Ian Hawke
Suggestions for simple tests of boundary conditions [PDF]
Mihaela Chirvasa
Absorbing Boundary Conditions [PDF]
Scott Hawley
Constrained Evolution: Successes and Problems (by Matthew Anderson and Richard Matzner, talk given by Scott Hawley) [PDF]
Nigel Bishop
The evolution of a massive particle in the characteristic gravity code
Erik Schnetter
Comparing Spacetimes [PDF]
Hisaaki Shinkai and Gen Yoneda
Constraint Propagation Analysis and Adjusted Systems [PDF]
Manuel Tiglio
Dynamical control of discrete constraint violations in 3D black hole evolutions [compressed PPT]
Choi Dae-Il (Goddard)
Markus Rumpfkeil
Elliptic gauges for numerical spacetimes [PDF] [PPT]
Ed Seidel
Grid Computing
Sascha Husa
Status report of the Scriwalker project
Christiane Lechner
Computer-aided Mexico tests [PDF]
Anil Zenginoglu
Progress report on evolution of the conformal field equations in spherical symmetry
Nina Jansen
Using the Apples with Apples tests to study the AA system [PDF]
Frank Herrmann
Measuring Waves on a Numerical Grid [PDF]
Miguel Alcubierre
Hyperbolic Slicing Conditions [PS]
Florian Beyer
Kerr-Schild initial data for black holes [PS]
Olivier Sarbach
Constraint-preserving Boundary Conditions [PDF]
Carlos Palenzuela
Checking AwA Tests with Z4 [PPT]
Bernd Reimann
Maximal slices of Schwarzschild [PPT]
Jose A. Gonzalez
Regularization of evolution equations in spherical symmetry [compressed PDF] [PPT]
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