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Joining In

Please join in, download the tests, run them yourself, and let us know about your code performance.

Obtaining Comparison Results

The results are publically downloadable from the ApplesWithApples CVS server. There is a cvs_anon account for anonymous checkout.

1. Login to the CVS server (This only needs to be performed once on each machine you use)

cvs -d login

The password is anon.

2. Checkout the Results (They will appear in the directory CodeComparisonNew.)

cvs -d checkout CodeComparisonNew

3. Update an Existing Checkout to obtain new results.

First change to the CodeComparisonNew directory, and then

cvs update -d

CVS Commits

If you are going to be adding or changing results you should use your personal login in place of cvs_anon.

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Currently commits to the web-page are restricted to the ApplesWeb CVS maintainers. At the moment the site designers are:

The technical maintenance is done by Thomas Radke (AEI).

If you would like to contribute content, or commit rights to this archive, please send an email to the ApplesWeb CVS maintainers mailing list

About These Pages

These pages are currently hosted by the Max-Planck Institut für Gravitationsphysik, Golm, DE. The web server is set up so that any CVS commit to the ApplesWeb repository will automatically update the web pages on the homepage. If anyone would like to set up a mirror site, please contact us at the above address.

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Please contribute to these pages!

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